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Cafe Racers of the 1970s

By Mick Walker

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ISBN: 9781847972835
PUBLISHED: 03/06/2011
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260x190 mm
INSIDE: 115 black & white photographs

The 1970s was the era of the cafe racer in its second phase, that of the specialist manufacturers. Certain mainstream marques such as Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Laverda and Yamaha also catered for this emerging market by producing production factory cafe racers such as the 900SS [Ducati], Le Mans [Guzzi], Mongich [Laverda] and RD Series [Yamaha] .

Among the names which flourished in this environment, and which are the subjects of this book, were Dunstall, Gus Kuhn, Seeley, Rickman, Bimota, Magni, Dresda, Munch and Van Veen ... and others whose names are perhaps less well remembered, but who were just as dedicated to the ideal of personal creativity.

Famed motorcycle author Mick Walker graphically recreates the era of the cafe racers. Numerous contemporary photos are featured, with captions explaining the history and technical features of the machines and describing the men who made and rode them.

To read this book is to experience a period of true individual genius and innovation. Enjoy!

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" As the interest in the age of Classic bikes gradually gets younger, along with a leaning to bikes slightly different from stock manufacturers machines, the decision to reprint Mick Walker's 1994 soft-back book entitled Superbike Specials of the 1970s (now with a slightly different title) makes perfect sense.
Walker adds expert explanatory text to the 115 images to walk you through an era which a lot of us lived through, as crash helmets moved from the open face to full face and full leathers became the norm, making it a real nostalgia trip. For those restoring some of these machines which are now becoming quite collectable, it is a must read, but it also stands as a good informative read for anybody interested in the seventies and motorcycling in general. "
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