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Knitting - Colour, structure and design

By Alison Ellen

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ISBN: 9781847972842
PUBLISHED: 28/09/2011
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 260x215 mm

Knitting: colour, structure and design takes a fresh approach to knitting, examining not just the look of a knitted pattern, but how the knitted fabric can be altered with different stitches to change its stretch, drape and thickness. Once understood, the design and application potential of this textile technique is thrilling and endless.

Written by a revered craftsman, this beautifully illustrated book encourages and inspires both experienced knitters and those new to the technique to have the confidence to experiment and develop their own designs.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic stitches, including many different ways of casting on and off, both decorative and functional
  • New approaches to construct fabric in any direction (not necessarily starting at the bottom and finishing at the top) in order to make any shape without sewn seams
  • An in-depth section on colour giving design ideas and techniques for knitting with colour
  • Advice on dyeing your own yarns, including decorative effects such as dip-dyeing and tie-dyeing yarn
  • Knitting patterns to suit a range of body shapes, with directions for personalizing these to your own requirements

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Latest Reviews
" Even if everyone thinks they can knit, this publication teaches several tricky little techniques that can be used to make utilitarian knittings into fantasy objects. Highly inspirational. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Textile Forum

" The patterns in this book give the knitter an opportunity to explore and experiment and also provide a jumping off point for taking her/his own path in design and construction. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: The Knitter

" This is a knitting book that is both intelligent and beautiful. If you are familiar with Ellen's work or her previous books you may not be surprised. Alison Ellen is a knitwear designer and has an understanding of structure that is refreshing. Her 'acknowledgements' paragraph mentions her training at Dartington and Farnham, recognising that the way craft and design skills are taught is important, and this book will add to the information - and inspiration - available for those learning now. The book is in two parts, the second consisting of instructions for garments including some interesting uses of the currently popular modular techniques. The first part is the real meat of the book, though. It explains how the structure of knitted fabric affects its behaviour, and how to make this work for you. The use of colour in fabrics, colour analysis and dyeing are described, as are fibres and yarn structure, all deliciously illustrated with the author's work and historical and ethnographic examples from her collection. Compared to the average 'how to' knitting book this is so good it seems unfair to criticise, but the use of inadequate conventional terminology makes explanation difficult, and the charts are fussy, with duplicate symbols for 'right side' and 'wrong side' rows. However, the photographs, charts and instructions are clear and are where they need to be in relation to each other, for which the publisher deserves congratulations. An index makes the book easy to use and a bibliography, as well as a glossary and list of suppliers, makes it easy to follow up references. As a book for knitters wishing to stretch themselves I can recommend this wholeheartedly. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Ruth Gilbert writing for The Textile Society

" I love knitting but hate putting things together. What I really need is a stitching-up service but, in the absence of that, I love this book's modular approach. Lots of ideas are given, inculding an interesting chapter on how stitches work, and techniques for getting the best out of these stitches. Best of all for me are the patterns at the back of the book, mostly made of squares, rectangles and so on, with good detailed instructions on joining, seaming and finishing. This book may make all the difference to my wardrobe - I might actually be wearing some of the many garments I make. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Workshop On The Web

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