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Painting the Human Figure - Ideas and Perception

By Atul Vohora

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ISBN: 9781847973573
PUBLISHED: 08/05/2012
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 282x220 mm
INSIDE: 113 colour illustrations

From the very beginnings of human existence, the urge to make images of people has been a fundamental part of being. Paintings of people have continued to evolve through to the present time. This new book focuses on some of those paintings, and places the idea of looking at painting at the very centre of the process of making paintings.

Through close and perceptive visual analysis of specific pictures, the book celebrates the rich diversity of style and form in paintings of the human figure. The works are considered in relation to their artistic and social context, and the book includes insightful comparisons between pictures from diverse cultures and periods.

  • Compares the relationships between looking and making, and explores the interactions between mark, touch and form
  • Explains colour relationships and perceptual effects
  • Discusses the potential for paintings to express a wide range of emotion, belief and experience
  • Extensive drawings and paintings complement the discussion

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" The book is part manual, part theoretical treatise aimed at students and entry-level artists, but those with a general interest in fine art will also be rewarded with insights.
Overall, this survey provides a welcome balance of analysis, even-handed summary and personal enthusiasm. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: The Art Newspaper Number 244, March 2013

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