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Grassland Management for Organic Farmers

By David Younie

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ISBN: 9781847973870
PUBLISHED: 20/08/2012
PAGES: 208
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 46 colour photographs, diagrams & drawings

The grass/clover ley plays a central role in most organic farms, since clover is the foundation stone for the whole farm system through its ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen. As well as providing an essential forage resource for farm livestock, grass/clover swards also form the basis of sustainable organic arable rotations.

This comprehensive book is a practical manual on all aspects of organic grassland management and presents down-to-earth advice backed up by scientific explanation. It is aimed primarily at organic farmers, agricultural students, and organic advisers and consultants. However, it will also be useful to the ever-increasing number of non-organic farmers wishing to move towards a low-carbon, clover-based grassland system.

The author discusses making the most of clover and soil nitrogen mineralization, the role of herbs and the efficient recycling of manures. He also covers reducing weed invasion, clean grazing systems for worm control, efficient grazing and conservation, and minimizing the environmental impact of grassland.

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