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Sighthounds - Their Form, Their Function and Their Future

By David Hancock

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ISBN: 9781847973924
PUBLISHED: 26/09/2012
PAGES: 208
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 350 colour and black & white photographs

Sighthounds - Their Form, Their Function and Their Future is not another manual covering nutrition, training, breeding, care and maintenance; rather, it is a celebration of the cursorial hunting dogs, those using speed and sight to hunt for man's cooking pot for over three millennia. Meticulously researched, it covers both British and foreign breeds, including some that are hardly known, covering their sporting past and arguing strongly for a sporting future for them.

David Hancock challenges those who claim these dogs hunt solely by sight, describing their subtle use of scent and stressing their quite remarkable hearing as a hunting tool. His earlier books have been highly praised with one North American reviewer describing him as 'perhaps the most important living writer on dogs'. The magazine, Dogs in Canada, recorded that his last book, Sporting Terriers, 'has the quality of a classic'.

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" Handsomely and lavishly ilustrated with pictures and artefacts from ancient history as well as photographs taken over the last 100 years or so, this book is a treasure-house of information to anyone who wants to know more about sighthounds in their broadest sense. "
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Reviewed By: Working Dog & Ferret

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