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Dog Groomer's Manual - A Definitive Guide to the Science, Practice and Art of Dog Grooming

By Sue Gould

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ISBN: 9781847975904
PUBLISHED: 04/07/2014
PAGES: 400
SIZE: 296x210 mm
INSIDE: 1000 colour photographs

The Dog Groomer's Manual is the definitive reference book covering all aspects of the work of the dog groomer. This highly illustrated book will help owners, students and professional dog groomers develop their skills and knowledge. It will enable them to adapt the principles of grooming appropriately, based on a systematic approach to understanding and observing the physical appearance, the nature, the life style and the behaviour of the dog.

The Manual covers the following:

  • SCIENCE: The veterinary principles of anatomy and physiology that must inform good grooming practice, pre-grooming health checks, common parasites and skin diseases, infectious and zoonotic diseases.
  • PRACTICE: Running a grooming business and the diverse standards of safety,hygiene and professionalism required in the grooming workshop. First Aid and what to do in emergency situations. Handling and restraining the dog safely, grooming equipment and tools.
  • ART: Grooming out the coat, bathing and drying, clipping, scissoring, hand stripping and plucking, styling, preventative healthcare products.

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Latest Reviews
" All in all, this book is the ultimate reference to accompany breed-specific books, as it covers all aspects of the work of the dog groomer. It will appeal equally to dog owners, apprentices and grooming professionals. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Kennel Gazette

" This book appears to be the published version of the much anticipated (but never published) The Grooming Bible. Sue Gould has delivered a the grooming industry a groundbreaking coup - it goes beyond any grooming reference book available at the time of print. It is very likely that it will become THE definitive reference book for commercial groomers & aspiring groomers. To describe it as an amalgamation of Grooming Manual for the Cat & Dog, researched with the same veracity as Barbara J. Bird & simplified as elegantly as Melissa Verplank's Theory of Five, with a whole lot more thrown in would be trite. It stands in a category all of its own. The author's approach to grooming is refreshingly novel - there isn't even a how to section on grooming by breed. It is dogma free; filled with factual information rather than preference or opinion about every conceivable aspect of grooming. It includes valuable information about the business of grooming. The Science section will be particularly authoritative to groomers with appetite for factual information for its scope, references & collaboration with authorities in their respective disciplines. The hardback format of The Dog Groomer's Manual make it fit for purpose in the grooming salon, while the composition & layout are well suited to reference, beautifully illustrated with what must amount to thousands of well captioned colour photographs, diagrams & alert boxes. Great care is taken to debunk many dog- & grooming related myths & clarify misinformation that plague in our industry. Without deferring to tradition, Sue embraces those aspects which are relevant to & beneficial which groomers can incorporate into their grooming. I have a few criticisms; the section on Handling & Restraining is a welcome addition. It is one of the few grooming books that covers this critical topic in anywhere near enough detail. But I think Sue has missed an opportunity to truly educate readers sufficiently on this specific topic which is of such importance in grooming - a setting where it could be argued that much more is expected of dogs than is reasonable for many of them. Two sections in particular appear to be out of step with current good practice: The sequence detailed for the grooming process itself is the traditional one; rough in, groom out/dematt, bath, dry. It is disappointing that there is no reference to other ways of working & other practises which many, many groomers use in commercial settings. Finally, given the current guidelines about what is deemed groomer territory & veterinary territory I think the inclusion of detailed how tos for dental care & anal sac care is both unwise & will perpetuate the debate in the grooming industry about whether these are grooming or medical intervention. But these criticisms are insignificant. Don't let them cloud your judgment - Sue Gould has done the grooming profession a service that cannot be underestimated. "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Trudy Anderson

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