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Practical Ballistics - An Introductory Guide for Rifle and Shotgun Shooters

By Lewis Potter

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ISBN: 9781847977373
PUBLISHED: 04/07/2014
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 103 colour photographs

This fascinating book starts with the basics, going back to the days of muzzle loading before considering the various attempts made over the centuries to improve the bullet. It moves on to examine the development of the cartridge right up to the present day, and provides the reader with a clear understanding of the principles governing the bullet's flight.

  • The development of the bullet and the cartridge
  • The factors that influence ballistic performance and accuracy
  • 'Internal ballistics' (factors influencing performance whilst the bullet is still in the barrel) and 'external ballistics' (factors affecting the bullet's flight when it leaves the barrel)
  • Aims to assist those enthusiasts who make their own bullets by analysing faults that have an impact on accuracy
  • Covers both rifled firearms and smooth-bore guns
  • Describes a number of interesting experiments concerning performance and accuracy and presents the results
  • Includes a glossary that incorporates rifle terminology and those terms specific to the shotgun

RRP: £19.95

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E-Book Edition: £15.00 (incl. VAT)

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" Practical Ballistics by Lewis Potter is, in my opinion, the definitive work on a subject which is complex to say the least.
An excellent book which demands a place on every shooter's bookshelf. It is both a work of reference and a fascinating read. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Countryman's Weekly

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