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So You Want To Run An Ultra - How to Prepare for Ultimate Endurance

By Andy Mouncey

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ISBN: 9781847978301
PUBLISHED: 01/11/2014
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 93 colour photographs

So you want to run an Ultramarathon. It all looks a very long way, doesn't it? It can't be good for you, it can't be fun and surely you have to be some kind of super-athlete to be able to run that far. This book shows that it is a very long way, that it can be good for you, and that you most certainly don't have to be super-human to finish one. It also goes further by inspiring you to get started and by guiding you each step of the way. So, whether you're just curious to know more about this fast-growing global sport or searching for the right answers to your own ultra-running breakthrough, this book will prove as valuable as your favourite running shoes.

Includes essential advice on:

  • Making the transition from marathon or triathlon
  • Strategies for winning the mental battle
  • Keeping your feet intact
  • Maintaining the right fuel intake
  • How to build strength and endurance
  • How to deal with running in the dark

Andy Mouncey writes from the heart, combining great insight and knowledge with a knack for making the complicated seem simple. Throw in a healthy dose of dry humour and case-study contributions from real people at various stages of their ultra-running journey and you have a book that redefines the 'How To' style of sports training guide.

An honest and entertaining read with excellent advice on how to start dabbling in this crazy sport we call 'ultra running', plus the inspiration and know-how to push yourself to the limits. Real life stories (ranging from the truly heart-warming to the truly ewwwwww!!! from Andy himself and a whole host of long-distance run addicts prove tht you can run further than you ever thought possible and live to tell the tale. - Claire Maxted, Editor, Trail Running magazine

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" Written in a runner-friendly manner this 128-page publication will appeal to all with aspirations of running some prodigious distances. This book is ideal for any runner interested in making the quantum leap up to ultra-running that will literally get you off on the right foot and training in the right manner. "
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Reviewed By: Athletics Weekly

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