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Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sport

By Ross Bennett

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ISBN: 9781847979575
PUBLISHED: 30/06/2015
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 110 colour images and diagrams

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sport examines the key factors at play in the reduction and prevention of injury to athletes at all levels of sport. The book combines the latest scientific research with a critical review of current literature and the author's own personal experience working in the field of strength and conditioning at elite level to explain why certain modalities should or should not be prescribed by strength and conditioning coaches.

  • Full colour sequenced photographs showing the correct techniques for a wide variety of essential strength exercises
  • Explains how to effectively manage recovery and avoid overtraining
  • Illustrated techniques for range of movement and corrective exercise
  • Describes the most effective methods for shoulder and trunk stability
  • Examines the theory and practice of proprioception and plyometrics and how they can improve performance
  • Explores the different methods employed when working with female or maturing athletes
  • Looks at the physiological impact of factors such as sleep patterns, travel, climate and illness on performance
  • Considers the strength and conditioning techniques available to the practitioner when an athlete is immobile or recovering from injury
  • Includes advice on how to assist the work of the therapist and bridge the gap between rehab and fully functional sports training
  • The book concludes with a series of case studies that illustrate how to put theory into practice

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" Although a first glance at the cover may be an instant turn-off for any athlete, don't let the football imagery put you off - it is for all sports! Different sports tend to have dissimilar injuries due to the specificity of movement, contact and speed and these are all covered in great detail. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Athletics Weekly

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