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High Performance Fencing - The Seventh Essential

By Ed Rogers

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ISBN: 9781847979858
PUBLISHED: 15/07/2015
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 140 colour photographs and diagrams

Legendary fencing instructor Maitre Bac H. Tau described what he called the 'six essentials that are in a fencer's mind': 'The first is called spirit; The second, rhythm; The third, thought; The fourth, technique; The fifth, tactic, and the last is strategy.' As a fencer you can fight with spirit, experience rhythm, think your way around problems, and develop technique, tactic and strategy by training with top-flight fencing masters. But there is more. Modern fencing is a highly competitive speed and endurance sport and the 'seventh essential' in a high-performance fencer's mind is how to prepare themselves physically and mentally.

In this new book, Ed Rogers covers every aspect of the preparation required by a fencer competing at the highest level. The book provides sound advice and is based on tried-and-tested training principles that have repeatedly proved successful.

  • Explains the importance of an effective fitness and training programme
  • Presents a range of strength and conditioning exercises designed to improve the fencer's performance
  • Examines the correct nutritional approach to complement the physical demands of training and competition
  • Discusses the relationship between talent and hard work
  • Considers the importance of mental preparation
  • Explores the various factors required in becoming a High Performance Fencer
  • Foreword by Georgina Usher

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    " Overall I was very impressed with the 'Seventh Essential'. It manages to be both detailed and cover a wide breadth of material, without being exhaustively exhaustive. It would prove an excellent addition to the shelf of any aspiring athlete. "
    Review Type: Press
    Reviewed By: The Sword

    " Rarely have I read a more thoughtful account of these topics. "
    Review Type: Press
    Reviewed By: Academy News

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