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By Eric Sommers

ISBN: 9781852232627
PAGES: 240
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: mm
INSIDE: 100 black & white photographs

Vandella Williams and Adele Summers, two of the United Kingdoms most successful breeders, have written this most comprehensive guide to the breed, an indispensable source of reference for all Pekingese enthusiasts and owners, whether you have just acquired your first Pekingese, are already an established breeder or are taking your first steps in the showing world.

The British and American Breed Standards are given in full, and the desired conformation and characteristics are discussed, with advice on line-breeding, buying a puppy, management and training. Three chapters on showing, including all-important grooming, are followed by chapters on judging, breeding and mating, whelping and ailments.

The authors relate the fascinating history of these Lion Dogs, from their origins in China where they were according imperial Ð and practically divine Ð status by the Emperors at the Imperial Palace in Peking. They pursue the story up until the present day, describing and illustrating the most recent generations of Pekingese throughout the world.

With over 100 photographs and line-drawings to complement the text, this is the most up-to-date and informative guide to the breed yet published.

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