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Geology in Shropshire

By Peter Toghill

ISBN: 9781853100901
PAGES: 188
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 215x148 mm
INSIDE: 16 black & white photos, numerous line drawings & maps

The geology of Shropshire is more varied than any other area of comparable size in Britain, and perhaps the world. Eleven of the thirteen recognised geological periods of time are represented by rocks in the county, ranging in age from the ancient metamorphic rocks and volcanic lavas of the Wrekin area around 700 to 560 million years old, to the glacial sediments of the last Ice Age only 13,000 years old which contained the famous Condover mammoths.

The variety of Shropshires rocks and fossils has attracted geologists since the early nineteenth century. Nowadays the general public is also becoming more interested in geology and there is an ever growing number of knowledgeable amateurs.

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