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Heinkel He 177, 277, 274

By Manfred Griehl , Joachim Dressel

ISBN: 9781853103643
PAGES: 248
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 247 b/w photographs, 31 line drawings

The story of the evolution of Heinkel's heavyweight is one of genius, disaster and despair. The He177 was conceived as a long-range heavy dive bomber, a sort of 'Big Stuka' and it was hoped to become one of the pillars of the Luftwaffe's armament.

It was an aeroplane that incorporated many novel ideas and inventions - too many, since the aircraft became plagued with teething problems that affected many aspects of the test flying programme and eventualy led to relatively small production runs. This is the entire story of this unlucky aeroplane and its operational career.

. . .If you have a liking for Luftwaffe aircraft, then I am sure you will want to add this title to your library. The photographs and technical illustrations throughout this title make it an excellent reference source. . . The appendices of this title offer full specifications of all the prototypes (inc.the A-0 series), a list of the tests that were carried out with each prototype, a production listing and finally a complete listing of all He 177 production by Werke Nr. - SCALE AVIATION MODELLER

Fascinating, detailed account; good index, bibliography and technical appendices including histories and fates where known of around 500 of the 1,150 built; extensive pix and drawings of real aircraft and projects; includes short accounts of the other German four-and-six-engined long-range bomber projects. FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL

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