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Wings Of The Luftwaffe

By Capt. Eric Brown

ISBN: 9781853104138
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 275x198 mm
INSIDE: 223 photographs plus drawings

Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown flew no fewer than fifty-five individual German aircraft types, ranging from such exotic creations as the prone-pilot Berlin B 9 and Horten IV, the push-and-pull Dornier DO 335 and the remarkable little Heinkel HE 162 VolksjĊ ger, to the highly innovative combat types that were entering the inventory of the Luftwaffe shortly before the demise of Germany's Third Reich.

'Winkle' Brown also interrogated many of the leading German wartime aviation personalities, such as Willy Messerschmitt, Ernst Heinkel, Kurt Tank and Hanna Reitsch. From this unique background of knowledge of German aviation, 'Winkle' Brown has selected what he considers to have been the most important or the most promising of the aircraft employed by the Luftwaffe or evolved for that air arm in Germany during World War II – the true Wings of the Luftwaffe.

He then describes their background and their characteristics, providing as a permanent record an assessment by a former enemy of the contribution to the annals of military aviation made in the late 'thirties and early 'forties by an aircraft industry that proved itself truly second to none in ingenuity.

. . . well-worth adding to your bookshelf, if you do not have it already. - WINGSPAN

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