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Flightwise:- Volume 1, Principles Of Aircraft Flight

By Chris Carpenter

ISBN: 9781853107191
PAGES: 416
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 150 diagrams

'...I hope that future generations of pilots and aircraft engineers will learn to hold Carpenter in the same esteem as my generation were taught to hold Kermode. Buy it now and be the first in your group to understand the principles of aircraft flight.' Flight Safety Bulletin

. . . This book is more like a chat with an enthusiastic friend than a dry textbook and is enlivened by passages such as Roland Beamont's account of an eventful transonic ride in a Typhoon. - AEROSPACE

Aircraft are the subject of Weston-on-Avon author Chris Carpenter's latest book, Flightwise: Principles of Aircraft Flight, published by Airlife Publishing Ltd.The former head of aerodynamics at the RAF college at Cranwell now lectures at the University of Warwick. - STRATFORD UPON AVON HERALD

The author is to be congratulated on writing such a painless way of imparting what is in places difficult and abstract subject matter. Any pilots with an interest in what is really going on in the air around their aircraft as they fly could do a lot worse than spend the few pounds this book costs and then spend a few (hopefully enjoyable) hours reading it with and enquiring mind. - PILOT Kermode's 'Flight Without Formulae', which first appeared in the 1930s, has long been the book to read for those wishing to begin to understand the 'how' and the 'why' of aircraft flight. I believe that Flightwise will replace Kermode's excellent volume. - FLIGHT SAFETY BULLETIN

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