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1000 Airlines In Colour

By Gerry Manning

ISBN: 9781853108990
PUBLISHED: October 1998
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x218 mm
INSIDE: 1000 colour photographs

This book features 1000 colour photographs of airline liveries from around the world, with a mix of old and new. All the photographs are fully described with dates and aircraft types.

The book will appeal to a wide range of aircraft enthusiasts internationally and also to aeroplane modellers. It contains a tremendous range of aircraft types that represent all countries and the years where colour photographs are available.

The book is beautifully illustrated and each and every airline in it has a photograph of one of its aircraft with a short, concise description of the airline's history and style of operation. It contains a mass of interesting and well researched information and will delight a wide range of airline and aircraft enthusiasts. - THE LOGGerry Manning has produced a really mouth-watering compilation of 1,000 colour photos of airliners spanning the post-war years and most countries and practically every type you can think of. These are not manufacturers' hand-out pictures, but real enthusiasts' shots of aircraft in service, and they are accompanied by intelligent and helpful captions. The reproduction is excellent, and we reckon this is a good buy. - AIR-BRITAIN DIGEST

. . .What makes this book so interesting is that many of the photos feature older airlines, and older colour schemes of current airlines. Some of the photos go back 30 years. Also many of the airlines illustrated are (or were) small carriers, and many were short-lived, so there are bound to be at least one or two in this book that you've never heard of. This makes the book a real treat to browse through . . . - IPMS MAGAZINE

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