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Fighting Cockpits 1914-2000:- Design & Development of Military Aircraft Cockpits

By L.F.E. Coombs

ISBN: 9781853109157
PUBLISHED: February 1999
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 8 pages colour photographs, 126 b/w photographs and 7 line drawings

This major treatise explores the history, development and future design of the cockpit of the military aeroplane. It studies the evolution of how a pilot controls the flight of an aircraft from the first early days of World War I, when 100mph was a barely attainable speed and bombs were often dropped by hand, to current designs that incorporate fly-by-wire systems and laser directed weapons.

It studies how parachutes and ejector seats became incorporated into cockpit design, how multi-engine controls were developed and how the ever increasing sophistication of communications, weaponry and navigation instrumentation could be most efficiently presented to the increasingly overburdened pilot.

In this book, the cockpit is taken to include all crew positions including observers, artillery spotters, navigators, flight engineers and radio / radar operators. It observes how increasing speed created a need to enclose the pilot and crew, both for their own protection and to reduce aerodynamic drag. Ergonomic considerations were not considered of great importance in the early days of flying but throughout this study the reader will find it becoming one of the dominant factors in cockpit design. Students of aviation history, aircraft designers, pilots and aircrew will find this book of great value in understanding the development of military aviation.

'The illustrations and photographs alone make it a 'must' and the information contained within the text just makes it more so.' - SCALE AVIATION MODELLER Highly recommended. - AIR INTERNATIONAL This fascinating book explores the history and evolution of cockpits. Many photographs complement the detailed text, with a good selection of colour shots of some of the more modern cockpits. One of the most interesting books I've read, this one is a very welcome addition to the bookcase! RC Scale International

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