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Airlife's Airliners Vol. 12: Boeing 737-100/200

By Michael Sharpe , Robbie Shaw

ISBN: 9781853109485
PUBLISHED: February 2001
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: Colour and b/w photographs

In 1964 the Boeing air company undertook initial design studies for a short-haul jetliner Ð a logical addition to a family that already included the medium-range 727 and long-range 707 models.

In so doing it laid the foundations for a family of aircraft that has become the most commercially successful in the history of civil air transportation, and which is still being developed some 35 years later.

This book focuses on the launch model, the 737-100, the later 737-200 and the various versions of these types. It complements and completes the story told in the previous Airlife's Airliner series title authored by Robbie Shaw on the later series 737 (Airlife's Airliners Vol.6 Boeing 737-300/800). It is a remarkable story about a remarkable aeroplane.

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