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Airlife's Airliners Vol. 5:- McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and MD-90

By Arthur Pearcy

ISBN: 9781853109560
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: 155 colour and 7 b/w photographs & 16 line drawings

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 and MD-90 is the fifth volume in the Airlife's Airliners series. The author is the late Arthur Pearcy the doyen of aviation writers, known everywhere as 'Mr Dakota'.

This is the fascinating story of a family of airliners which have served with over 1,100 MD-80 and MD-90 variants will continue serving well into the 21st century.

Following Boeing's acquisition of the company, although production of the existing family will cease, the DC-9 derivatives will live on in the guise of the Boeing 717-200 - the erstwhile MD-95 - that was rolled-out in June 1998.

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