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EM26 Freedom's Thunderbolt

By Carl Schulze

ISBN: 9781861261830
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260 x 190 mm
INSIDE: colour throughout [120 photographs]

The thunderbolt is the shoulder patch of Allied Command Europe Mobile Force [Land] - the Western alliance's mobile immediate reaction force. This is NATO's multi-national military fire brigade, ready to deploy anywhere in Europe.

ACE Mobile Force [Land] is composed of crack units such as: US, British, German and Belgian paratroopers and Netherlands marines; German and Italian alpine troops; Canadian, Spanish and Norwegian infantry; Recce, artillery, helicopter and support units from a total of 14 NATO countries.

This fascinating book offers a concise, fact-packed text on the Force's organisation, mission and equipment. Over 120 colour photographs detail the uniforms, kit, weapons and vehicles of the national contingents which make up the pool upon which the Force can call, in an impressive display of Allied quick-reaction firepower.

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