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Food for Sport

By Jane Griffin

ISBN: 9781861262165
PUBLISHED: September 2001
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 19 b&w photos, 12 diagrams

“Accessing good dietetic information is not always easy. I welcome this book as an innovation for anybody involved in sport.”Dr Lady RedgraveChief Medical Officer GBR Rowing Team

Food for Sport is a must for anyone who wants to learn what, when and how much to eat and drink to improve their performance or the performance of someone else. It is a practical book designed to show readers how to build up the right diet for their particular sport or active lifestyle.

Topics discussed: Are high protein diets appropriate for weight loss? Should sugar be avoided pre-exercise? Are supplements necessary? Are sports drinks a waste of money? Is it all right to skip breakfast and train first in the morning? and finally, should late-night eating be avoided?

Review from Sunday Times Style Supplement 7/7/02 A practical book designed for everyone from dedicated athletes to those simply trying to eat well for an active lifestyle, you can dip and read according to your needs.

RRP: £12.99

Site Price: £10.39

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