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Rag Rugs

By Ann Davies

ISBN: 9781861262295
PUBLISHED: August 1999
BINDING: Hardback [Spiral]
SIZE: 260 x 215 mm
INSIDE: 120 colour photographs

Rag Rugs have been a feature of homes in the United Kingdom and the USA since the middle of the last century. Warm and hard-wearing, they can be made from recycled clothes, blankets, or any other textiles that may be lying around. Designs and colours vary from subtle natural patterns to bold, bright rugs, showing the versatility of the craft. In Rag Rugs Ann Davies describes the various techniques used, including hand techniques of hooky and proddy, and a plethora of gadgets designed to make the job easier.

Illustrated in full colour, the book also includes advice on dyeing fabrics in the microwave, cutting by hand or other methods, and working with or without a frame, and discusses different backing materials and ways of finishing rug edges. Rag Rugs will also be of interest to embroiderers, spinners, and other textile artists.

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