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EMS12 Napoleon's Imperial Guard

By Stephen Maughan

ISBN: 9781861262905
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260 x 190 mm
INSIDE: Approximately 200 colour photographs

The hobby of historical re-enactment has come a long way over the past decade, attracting dedicated students of many aspects and periods of history to this uniquely engaging form of practical research.

The ever-fascinating Napoleonic period is well represented, and groups of knowledgeable enthusiasts in many European countries have been formed to recreate the uniforms and equipment, and to practice the drills and tactics, of these colourful armies.

In this dazzling selection of nearly 200 colour photos the best re-enactment groups in Europe recreate the splendid uniforms of these immortal troops: Foot Grenadiers and Chasseurs, Fusilier-Grenadiers, Polish and Dutch Lancers, Mounted Chasseurs and Grenadiers, and Foot Artillery. A superb reference for modellers, war-gamers, collectors and illustrators, and a visual feast for all military historians.

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