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Messerschmitt Bf110

By Ron MacKay

ISBN: 9781861263131
PUBLISHED: March 2000
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280 x 220 mm
INSIDE: 180 photographs and drawings

Messerschmitt's twin-engined Destroyer was designed as a long-range escort fighter and ground attack aeroplane. Armed with both cannon and machine gun it was unable to compete on even terms with more agile single engined fighters, but was extremely effective when used as a ground attack aeroplane and especially as a nightfighter.

The author describes the development, technical details and operational use of this often underrated aeroplane that remained in service with the Luftwaffe throughout World War Two. With many rare photographs this new addition to the Crowood Aviation Series will appeal to historians and modellers alike.

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" Ron Mackay's book gives an interesting and very detailed picture of development of Bf 110 and its use in different theaters of WWII. All the variants and models are well covered and described. Unfortunately, when he describes the planes operational use, Mr Mackay is mostly concentrating in Luftwaffe's mishaps, failures, losses and causalities. Some successful sorties and missions are randomly mentioned but in general the book gives reader a picture, the plane was more or less failure or quality of most of its pilots were under acceptable level. This is perhaps understandable knowing his background in RAF and having some antipathy towards his former opponents. Also, there are lots of misspells in the names of places and areas mentioned. For those searching technical details about planes, this book is one of the best concerning Bf 110, Every detail is very well described, including even manufacturing methods used during the construction. "
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Posted By: Seppo Heikkila

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