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EMS14 The Samurai

By Ghislaine Kruit , Mitsuo Kure

ISBN: 9781861263353
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260 x 190 mm
INSIDE: 200 colour photographs

The story of the samurai is an integral part of Japanese history, and is celebrated today in private gatherings and public festivals which remain unknown to most Western students.The term ‘samurai’ conjures up the image of a fierce swordsman clad in bafflingly complex armour, proud and relentless in battle, ready to die – by his own hand, if necessary – in obedience to an unfaltering code of honour.

This is a glamorised image of the class of paid professional warriors who evolved between the 10th and 17th centuries. Their colourful and dramatic armour changed considerably over this period, but was always a practical response to contemporary weapons, reflecting contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques.

This book, which draws on the expertise of leading Japanese historians, is illustrated with nearly 200 dazzling photographs, which capture not only the details of costume, but also the special glamour of a bygone culture.

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