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Soviet Uniforms & Militaria 1917-1991

By Laszlo Bekesi , Gyorgy Torok

ISBN: 9781861263704
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 297 x 210 mm
INSIDE: 300 Colour photographs

This is the first full-colour photographic reference book to illustrate Soviet uniforms and militaria selected from the whole 74-year history of the regime, from the October Revolution to the 1991 collapse of Communism. Access has been allowed for the first time to Soviet Russian historical archives and to examples of uniforms and militaria from behind the former Iron Curtain.

In nearly 300 colour photographs the authors illustrate and identify 80 original uniforms of the pre-WW2 period, the Great Patriotic War and the Cold War from 1945 -1992. These uniforms are worn by live models and are supported by close-ups of headgear, insignia, decorations, weapons and ephemera. A valuable secondary feature of this book is a selection of 100 previously unpublished photographs from private Russian collections.

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