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EMS8 Medieval Military Costume

By Gerry Embleton

ISBN: 9781861263711
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260 x 190 mm
INSIDE: 160 colour photographs

Medieval Military Costume contains photographs of spearmen, archers, crossbowmen, gunners and knights, mainly from the period 1300 to 1500. With re-enactors wearing carefully recreated costumes in authentic settings, the book brings the period to vividly to life. Women’s costume from the period is covered too, enabling the book to give a snapshot of what it was like to live, work and fight in the Middle Ages.

The detail of the photographs is underpinned by artworks showing scores of original images from period paintings, carvings and manuscript illustrations, and the pictures and subjects come from several European countries, such as France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland as well as the UK.

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