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EMS15 French Foreign Legion Operations 1990-2000

By Yves Debay

ISBN: 9781861263735
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260 x 190 mm
INSIDE: Over 180 colour photographs

The French Foreign Legion is one of the most famous military organisations in the world. It jealously guards traditions rooted in an extraordinary fighting reputation gained on battlefields all over the world since its formation in the 1830s.

Since its withdrawal from Algeria in the 1960s its regiments have been transformed - the Legion today has minimal responsibility for providing colonial garrisons. Based in France, its units of mechanised infantry and engineers, armoured cavalry and paratroopers are now among the most powerful and sophisticated assets of the French Army.

Yves Debay has accompanied the Legion on active service, and his strikingly illustrated review of the Legion's operations since 1990 is packed with information on the units, organisation, recruitment and training, equipment, weapons and current missions of this elite corps.

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