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German Artillery of WW1

By Herbert Jager

ISBN: 9781861264039
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246X189 mm
INSIDE: 300 b/w

World War One was a turning point in warfare as the war became not a series of sieges and set-piece battle, but a static stand-off punctuated by attacks on the line as each side tried to break the stalemate. The war saw artillery used on a hitherto unprecedented scale, and in this highly illustrated new book, Herbert JÅ ger details the weapons used by the German Army.

Starting with the development in German artillery up to 1914, the book goes on to describe in detail the field artillery light guns, and light and heavy howitzers  that were used, before covering heavy mortars and long-range guns. Specialist weapons for mountain, coastal, railway and fortress use are covered, as are specialist engineer and infantry guns.

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