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Bonsai - Guide to Successful Care & Creation

By Constance Tindale

ISBN: 9781861264183
PUBLISHED: August 2001
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280x215 mm
INSIDE: colour throughout

Bonsai is an ancient art form that requires skill as well as knowledge. The tree will always be growing, changing and needing care, yet the devotion given to it is rewarded many times over.

This book is a practical manual for bonsai enthusiasts, whether beginners or those with experience of bonsai care. It covers all topics relating to bonsai, from its history through to the skills needed for the creation of individual bonsai styles.

Information is given on how trees grow in nature together with detailed step-by-step instructions on all the techniques needed to care for a bonsai tree: watering, feeding and display; pruning for maintenance and reshaping; wiring to shape; re-potting; rocks, groups and landscapes; pests, diseases and hygiene.

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