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Tae Kwon-Do

By Dave Oliver

ISBN: 9781861264541
PUBLISHED: February 2002
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 105 black & white photos

Tae Kwon Do is a sport, a martial art, a fun way to keep fit and means of self defence that is ideally suited to the modern age.

Dave Oliver’s career has spanned what is arguably the most crucial period in the martial art’s development. The last thirty years have seen it change from a tool of war to a safe, competitive sport. Dave has personally been responsible for much of the transition.

Topics include: introduction of Tae Kwon Do and its grading system; stances, weapons and vulnerable points of the body covered; training principles for strength, flexibility and speed outlined and the spectacular kicks that distinguish this martial art are described.

Dave Oliver [the UK's godfather of Tae Kwon Do] calls upon his thirty plus years of experience to produce a book which can only be described as essential Paul Clifton [editor of TKD-KMA and Combat magazine]

RRP: £14.99

Site Price: £11.99

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