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Ducati - The Racing Story

By Mick Walker

ISBN: 9781861264589
PUBLISHED: February 2002
PAGES: 200
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 8 page colour section / 250 b&w photos

The words ‘Ducati’ and ‘Racing’ have provided some of the greatest moments in motorcycle sport. Ducati bikes, with their fine engineering, superb performance and magical sound built a world-wide following of admirers for the company.

Ducati - The Racing Story tells of the rise to fame and fortune of what is now one of the world’s most famous motorcycle manufacturers. From its beginnings after World War Two, the company’s history is charted through its increasingly sophisticated race machines and the burgeoning number of race victories it claimed.

Mick Walker’s well research and illustrated book is a tribute to the company, the bikes, the teams and the riders that built the legend.

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