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Tarawa - A Hell of a Way to Die

By Derrick Wright

ISBN: 9781861264763
PUBLISHED: February 2002
PAGES: 193
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 32page section b&w photos

Tarawa Atoll in the Central Pacific was the testing ground for a new and uniquely challenging type of warfare. Before the US 2nd Marine Divisions assault landings in November 1943, Americas ability to take heavily defended Japanese-held islands was untested. How well these planned operations would work and at what cost, could only be discovered by trial and error.

This compelling account of one of the most savage battles of World War II draws upon the vivid memories of Marine veterans of those 76 terrible hours of close-quarter fighting. It is supported by striking photographs, by the poignant drawings of a war artist who landed with the Marines, and by detailed maps and appendices

I turn to the big red-headed Marine gunner who is standing beside me and say, ÒWhat a hell of a way to die!Ó The gunner looks me in the eye and say, ÒYou cant pick a better way.Ó Robert Sherrod, War Correspondent Ð Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll, 21 November 1943

Reviews: Derrick Wright makes the reader feel what it was like to live through the 3 days on Betio, in all their horror and bravery Marine Corps Gazette This is an excellent account, very nicely written, difficult to put down É it is probably going to become a modern military classic. Osprey Messenger An eye-opener. I read the book from beginning to end with hardly a break. Wright provides both the big and the little picture without glossing over any mistakes made by leaders on both sides. Follow Me [the newsletter of the 2nd Marine Division] A sobering and informative book É a good read Military Illustrated. This book is an outstanding account of events and ties many first-hand recollections and experiences into a fantastic book. The Armourer

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