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Metalworking - Tools and Techniques

By Stan Bray

ISBN: 9781861265739
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 164 colour photos 34 diagrams

Metalworking is written for everyone inspired by the versatility of metal. It explains the many techniques that form the basics of this craft, from traditional methods of measuring and marking out to more recent practices such as use of adhesives and inert gases for joining metals.

Topics covered include: Advice on setting up a workshop and equipment Introduction to the qualities of metals Working with the metal Drills and drilling Threads Shaping and joining metal Machines

With over 200 llustrations, the clear text shows you how to use these techniques and offers tips on their application.

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" The late, great Fred Dibnah often referred to his engineering hobbies as a bit of 'back-street mechanicing'. In this sense, I too would describe myself as a bit of a back-street mechanic in that I share an interest in engineering, mechanics, tools and equipment. For this reason, Stan Bray's hardback book on metalworking is an absolute dream.
It would be wrong to say that this book has a specialist audience - I am not a specialist in anything engineering related. I just like a bit of 'back-street mechanicing' and I love this title. "
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Reviewed By: Burton Mail

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