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Modern RAF

By Jeremy Flack

ISBN: 9781861266163
PAGES: 304
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280X220 mm
INSIDE: 16 page colour section; 313 b&w photos

The RAF was formed in 1918 from the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Flying Corps. The importance of the new independent third service grew rapidly, as aircraft became more sophisticated and the part they played in modern warfare became ever more central.

The strength of the Air Force reached its height in the Second World War, but remained strong during the Cold War. Today the RAF is much reduced in size but remains of pivotal importance to the defence of Great Britain and the work of the peace-keeping and humanitarian efforts of which Britain is a part.

This book focuses on aircraft and weapons, operational bases and operational units of the RAF. Every base, unit, missile and bomb receives an entry giving information that is difficult to track down elsewhere.

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