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Imp - The Complete Story

By George Mowat-Brown

ISBN: 9781861266194
PAGES: 216
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 8 page colour section 150 b&w photos

The Hillman Imp divides opinions perhaps more sharply than any other car in British motoring history. You either love it or hate it.

The Rootes Group’s answer to the BMC Mini, the Hillman Imp was built in a purpose-built factory in Linwood, Glasgow, and it was hoped that it represented the beginning of a new era for the Scottish motor industry.

With the help of interviews with key members of the design team, and unprecedented research of official papers, the story of the design and development of this quirky little car is set against the complex commercial and political intrigue that surrounded it, making this book not just the story of a car but a fascinating insight into an industry in crisis.

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