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British Experimental Turbojet Aircraft

By Barry Jones

ISBN: 9781861266217
PUBLISHED: September 2003
PAGES: 208
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280x218 mm
INSIDE: 247 colour photographs 130 colour artworks

From pioneering jets to the foundations of some of todays most successful aircraft, the experimental aircraft of the post-war years represent the most exciting years of British aviation. This book tells their remarkable stories, of the triumphs and frustrations of experimentation at the cutting edge of aeronautical design.

Aircraft covered:Gloster E.28/39; De Havilland D.H.108; Saunders Roe S.R.A/1; Hawker P.1040, P.1052, P.1072 and P.1081; Armstrong Whitworth AW.52G and 52; Gloster E.1/44; Supermarine E.41/46: Avro 707 Series; Avro Type 706 Ashton; Boulton Paul P.111, P.111a and P.210; Fairey FD.1; Handley Page H.P.88; Supermarine N.9/47; Short S.B.5; Short S.B.1 & S.B.4 Sherpa; Fairey F.D.2 and BAC Type 221; Short S.C.1; Saunders Roe S.R.53; Hawker P.1127; Handley Page H.P.115; Bristol Type 188; Hunting 126. Also includes cancelled projects: Miles M.52, Avro 720, Saunders Roe S.R.177. Supermarine 545, Hawker P.1121, BAC TSR.2

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