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Il'yushin IL-2 and Shturmovik

By Yefim Gordon , Sergey Komissarov

ISBN: 9781861266255
PUBLISHED: March 2004
PAGES: 200
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280x220 mm
INSIDE: 333 black & white photos 8 page colour section

Very similar in appearance, performance and role to the ill-fated British Fairey Battle, the Ilyushin Shturmovik was a very much more successful aeroplane Ð one that formed the backbone of the Soviet air force for much of the war.

Yefim Gordon and Sergey Komissarov have written a detailed history of this most important of all World War Two Russian aircraft. Including much detailed discussion of the design and the development of both the Il-2 and the Il-10, this book will be welcomed by all enthusiasts of Russian aviation. The huge number of archive photographs, and coloured profiles, only go to make it more irresistible.

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