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Fundamentals of Fighter Design

By Ray Whitford

ISBN: 9781861266644
PAGES: 216
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: 167 b&w photos 117 line drawings 8 page col section

This book traces the exciting development of fighter aircraft design over the last ninety years, from World War One to present day. An intriguing aspect of this evolution is the many technological battles, some still being fought, by designers and manufacturers to pursue the goal of air superiority.

Topics covered include: Aerodynamics, stability and control Propulsion, structures and materials Avionics, systems, armament and tactics New design driver: Stealth

The strength of this book is the many clear drawings and informative charts obtained by painstaking research that will interest not only aircraft enthusiasts but those with a professional interest in aircraft design.

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