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Complete Car Modeller Vol 2

By Gerald Wingrove

ISBN: 9781861267504
PAGES: 136
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 296x210 mm
INSIDE: 8 page colour section 200 black & white photos and diagrams

In this follow-up to the successful Complete Car Modeller 1, Gerald Wingrove takes the aspiring modeller to the next level by describing in detail the process and skills involved in the construction of his world-famous 1/15 scale models. His example subject throughout the book is the fabulous Weinberger Bugatti Royale.

The author describes the ideal workshop, the tools for the job and gives an explanation of the best method of acquiring the necessary information on the chosen subject. Materials and skills are detailed, and descriptions of the chief processes by which he interprets 'in the metal' each component of the car and how he painstakingly assembles a true representation of each main sub-assembly.

Thus the re-creation of the Royale, including all engine and chassis detail, is revealed step-by-step. Includes full plans for the Bugatti Royale not previously published.

RRP: £19.99

Site Price: £15.99

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