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In The Skies Of Europe: Air Forces Allied To The Luftwaffe 1939-1945

By Hans Neulen

ISBN: 9781861267993
PUBLISHED: June 2005
PAGES: 416
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 216x138 mm
INSIDE: 2 x 16 page black & white sections, 70 b&w photographs

During the Second World War the air forces and pilots of the countries allied to Germany played a greater role than hitherto conceded by historians.

In this book, Hans Werner Neulen has gathered an enormous amount of information on the air forces of eight countries and the various foreign airmen [including Russian] who fought with the Luftwaffe. Their operations, mostlycarried out in conditions of numerical inferiority, their successes and failures, as well as the motivation of these aircrew and their often tragic fate are all incorporated into this comprehensive account.

Invaluable for a student of this period Air-Britain DigestA uniquely comprehensive, scholarly, but very readable source of reference with an excellent selection of illustrations. Airmail

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