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Understanding the Edwardian and Inter-War House

By Alan Johnson

ISBN: 9781861268341
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 16 colour photos, 201 b&w photos

Britain has a heritage of cottage-style homes which can be traced back to the second half of the nineteenth century, which became the prevailing style in the years immediately preceding the First World War, and which virtually monopolised housebuilding in the inter-war period.

Examples of these houses from the Edwardian age are rightly prized by their owners and their descendants from the 1920s and 30s can now be reappraised with an objectivity that was impossible even a generation ago.

Understanding the Edwardian and Inter-war House will be indispensable for those embarking on a major renovation, authentic restoration, maintenance or improvement of houses of this period.

Topics covered include: Historical background and description of dwelling types Constructional anatomy of Edwardian and Inter-war houses Modern Movement Houses Alterations and Improvements

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