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Natural Building - A Guide to Materials and Techniques

By Tom Woolley

ISBN: 9781861268419
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 220 colour photographs and diagrams

Natural building involves construction with materials that have undergone less processing and manufacturing than conventional synthetic products.

Wherever possible, the natural materials that are used are renewable, originating from crops, and are obtained locally. Transport, pollution, carbon emissions and fossil fuel use are therefore minimized and the end-product is harmonious, healthy and environmentally beneficial.

Describes the many materials and methods that have been used by the pioneers of natural building. Discusses the reasons why various materials have been chosen and frankly explains their advantages and disadvantages. Provides a detailed consideration of all the main forms of natural construction including building with earth, timber and straw bales. Covers green and natural roofs, lime and masonry, and the use of hemp as well as natural insulation materials, paints and finishes. Thoroughly examines all the techniques involved. Analyses the principles of green building and the issues involved in planning and regulatory approvals. Lavishly illustrated with over 220 colour photographs and diagrams.

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