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Norton Dominator

By Mick Walker

ISBN: 9781861268440
PAGES: 184
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 130 black & white photographs 20 colour photographs

The Norton Dominator - often commonly referred to by its owners as the Dommie - was designed by Bert Hopwood; making its debut in late 1948. What really made it stand out were several interesting features such as widely splayed exhaust port, suitability for tuning and its future development potential. Later, when equipped with the renowned, race-developed, Featherbed frame and Featherbed telescopic forks, it became a sporting icon.

Within the pages of this book are all the well-known models, including the 7, 88, 99, 650 and Atlas, plus the Jubilee, Navigator and Electra. Besides the detailed development history of the series production road-going models, there are other many interesting facets of the Dominator story, including the works Domiracer [the first pushrod-engined motorcycle to lap the Isle of Man TT Mountain circuit at 100mph]; victories in the famous Thruxton endurance races and the gruelling international Six Days' Trial.

Mick Walker also takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the infighting, both inside and outside the boardroom, which took place within the Norton empire over the years.

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