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Fired up with Raku - Over 300 Raku Recipes

By Irene Poulton

ISBN: 9781861268488
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 100 colour photographs

The origins of raku can be traced back hundreds of years to Japan, where it was used as the traditional method of creating clay bowls for the tea ceremony. Over the years potters have embraced and adapted the methods, celebrating the remarkable but unpredictable results achieved using raku techniques.

The author, who has specialized in raku for over twenty years, considers the origins of raku before offering over 300 glaze recipes. A selection of other potters also share their ideas, and with one hundred photographs of raku-fired pieces, Fired Up With Raku offers inspiration to all potters.

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" This book, written by Irene Poulton is based on her experience of more than 20 years working with Raku. It is primarily a book for potters or students who either already create work in Raku or would like to know more of the practical details and plan to get started. That said, this book could also be very useful for Galleries and Collectors who have an interest in buying or selling Raku.
I found the introduction very helpful in clarifying my understanding of how raku developed and the difference between Traditional and Contemporary methods. There is also a vast range of Raku glazes which should satisfy the most demanding artist. There is a section on Firing and Raku kilns, with useful comments and advice throughout. The section on Techniques and Problems ends with a useful summary table of "Tips and Tricks". Again, as a collector I was interested to understand about various defects and why they occur. Usefully there are images of pieces using many of the glaze recipes listed. This comprehensive section is followed by another on 'Alternative Methods and Materials of Decoration'. This includes detail on various reduction techniques. Rounding the book off are some 36 pages of practical ideas and comments, including some glaze recipes and individual personal statements from some of the leading Raku artists around the world. All have provided images of their work which along with the many images of Irene's work make for a very enjoyable read.
In summary this is a practical and effective book which enables the many years of Irene's accumulated knowledge to be available to all who need it in an easy and enjoyable format. I think this book will be welcomed by ceramicists and collectors alike. "
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