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Building Countryside Paths and Tracks

By Andy A Radford

ISBN: 9781861268525
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 165 b&w photos and diagrams

Building Countryside Paths and Tracks aims to introduce the reader to the methods required to construct rights of way, from knowing how to navigate a path's definitive line using a map and compass to the inclusion of footbridges across streams and rivers. A practical step-by-step guide to creating, repairing and restoring a path or track, this book also discusses important safety procedures, materials and tools.

Although aimed primarily at somebody wishing to embark on a practical countryside career, this book is also an essential guide for anyone interested in the background of countryside maintenance. Furthermore, the projects herein can be used in garden projects or for agricultural purposes, and therefore are useful for all those involved in the maintenance of the countryside or landscape gardening.

Includes detailed advice on the constructions of: Timber steps, Stone steps Timber revetments Access gates, Stone stiles, Wooden stiles Footbridges Stone pitching Paths, Waymarking and Gabions

RRP: £14.99

Site Price: £11.99

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