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Sculpting the Human Figure

By John Mills

ISBN: 9781861268662
PUBLISHED: August 2006
PAGES: 144
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 280x215 mm
INSIDE: 210 colour photographs

Sculpting the Human Figure is both a practical and inspirational guide to an age-old art. Written by a leading and distinguished sculptor, it draws on pieces from the Renaissance to explain the techniques and secrets of contemporary work.

John W Mills encourages students and collectors to understand the processes and techniques of sculpture, and thereby to explore the opportunity and creativity of the human figure.

Topics covered: The basics of sculpture - the studio, tools and materials required Preparations - maquettes, drawings and working models Modelling and carving the head Relief sculpture Modelling and carving the figure Moulds and casting Scaling up

RRP: £25

Site Price: £20.00

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