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Modern Combat Pistols

By Maxim Popenker , Anthony Williams

ISBN: 9781861268945
PAGES: 304
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 750 black & white photographs

Modern Combat Pistols provides a comprehensive account of the development of military and police semi-automatic pistols and their ammunition from 1945 to present day. It follows on from the same authors' critically acclaimed Assault Rifle [Crowood 2004].

The first part of the book looks at defensive and offensive pistols, the difference between military and police pistols, and special-purpose weapons such as silenced and underwater pistols. The history of the handgun before 1945 is described, and there is an examination both of the development of the semi-automatic pistol since 1945 and of future trends in pistol design.

The second part of the book is divided up on a country-by-country basis. Each country's section starts with an historical overview of pistol development in that country before giving a description and technical data for each individual weapon. Appendices cover technical aspects of semi-automatic and ammunition design.

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