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Avionics for the Pilot - An Introduction to Navigational and Radio Systems for Aircraft

By Joe Johnston

ISBN: 9781861268969
PUBLISHED: April 2007
PAGES: 256
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 218x150 mm
INSIDE: 61 line drawings 9 black & white photos

Here is a straightforward introduction, clear of technical jargan, to the complexities of the many radio and navigational systems that are commonly used on aircraft. It provides a fundamental overview of the principles and operation of many instruments and aids found aboard all types and sizes of aeroplane.

Starting with radio communications systems such as VHF and HF, in-flight interphone and Flight Data Recorder Systems the book progresses to avionic navigation systems, instrument landing, radio altimeter and marker receiver systems. Air Traffic Control, transponders and weather radar precede the final chapter which evaluates likely future developments.

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