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Talavera: Wellington's Early Peninsula Victories 1808-9

By Peter Edwards

ISBN: 9781861269188
PAGES: 264
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 25 colour photographs

Wellington's first battle in the Iberian Peninsula involved around 19,000 French and British troops, whereas at Waterloo seven years later there were one third of a million. In between, the British Army and its commander ascended a steep learning curve.

Here, the story of the campaign of 1808-9 is told in exciting detail, largely through the use of eyewitness accounts from the letters, diaries and memoirs of over sixty participants. There is a detailed description of the two-day battle of Talavera, as well as the fighting at Rolica, Vimiero, Corunna and Oporto.

new edition paperback for 2007

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